A B O U T   U S 



is one of the newest and most exciting musical performance groups to appear in the Central Washington region.  The members come from an area that extends from Ellensburg, Yakima  to Sunnyside.  The artistic goal of CANTICUS is to perform the choral art at a high level of chamber music.


CANTICUS has performed at various venues throughout Yakima, including the Yakima Valley Museum, Central Lutheran Church and the Seasons Performing Art Center.  In March of 2015, CANTICUS performed at the Seasons with Denise Dillenbeck, Kevin Krentz, J.J. Penna and Louis DeMartino in a concert whose them was how music helps us to deal with difficult times.  CANTICUS  performed a special celebration of the Civil Right movement in America at the Yakima Valley Museum with leaders from the community at large.

CANTICUS has joined with the Yakima Symphony Chorus,  CWU Vox Divina and the Mid-Columbia Mastersingers in joint presentations to the community of unique works.


Members of CANTICUS are all accomplished singers and performers, some being music educators in the Central Washington community, as well as construction contractors, artists, professionals, and many various walks of life. 


Board of Directors

Jane Finch, President
Spencer Hatton, Secretary
David Huycke, Director
Brooke Creswell, Director
G. David Lambertson, Treasurer
Vijay Singh, Director
Katy Svendsen, Director
Dr. Gary Tollefson, Director

Artistic Staff

Members of




Janet Buege

Anne Chapman

Samantha Larsen

Victoria Langston

Jodi Salisbury

Renee Stueckle



Aryn Chatterton

Hannah Discher

Laurel Kaschmitter

Jane Peterson

Brittany Stahley

Shaina Stuckey


Jeff Chapman

Eric Diehl

Mitchell Edwards

Aaron Hirsch

Dean Millett

Tony Rosetti

Steven Wenger



Tom Elliott

Ronnie Gray

Steven Slusher

John Svendsen

Bart Roderick

Chris Wallitner

Scott R. Peterson, Artistic Director and Conductor
Anne Schilperoort, Accompanist